Why You Should Use Shopify for Your Ecommerce Website

Shopify E-Commerce Web Design

Pretty sure my wife is sleeping with the Amazon delivery man. Not really, but he might as well be. Why? I mean, why do we see him so much? Because her finger only has to bend about three times to put us into debt. Okay, more debt. 

Amazon made it easy. And Shopify can make it easy for your e-commerce website. Or at least that’s why the Owner and Chief Designer of JEG DESIGN INC, Jonathan Gicewicz, tells me. 

“When I shifted most of my clients over to WordPress, speed, reliability, admin ease, and user experience caused me to do so. With Shopify, I got those same results for all my e-commerce clients.”

When I asked him why, he looked at me and asked me,  how long I got to listen? 

All day brother.  Here are the reasons why Shopify is his number-one choice for an e-commerce website:


  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Support

Ease of Use

The only experience you need to use a Shopify site is dragging and dropping. You don’t need e-commerce site experience.  And adding products, creating pages, and managing your store couldn’t be easier.


Product Review. Abandoned Cart Recovery. Shipping. Tax Calculation. All of these and more are at your disposal when you use a Shopify website. 


As you grow, so can’t your Shopify site. Whether adding more products, increasing your bandwidth and/or expanding your reach – Shopify is eager to grow with you. And when we say eager, we mean they have more products for you to use (or purchase).


When it comes to you and your client’s/customer’s data and personal and financial information – Shopify doesn’t joke around. They implement the latest in security measures to ensure everyone is secure. 


While JEG DESIGN INC prides itself on response time, it can’t always be there for you with a solution specific to your needs. That’s why Shopify provides customers with online documentation, live chats, and phone support!

But Gicewicz wasn’t done there.  Shopify also offers tools to help your excellent site be successful. 

Other Tools

  • Built-in Marketing Tools
  • Themes and Apps
  • Reach

Built-in Marketing Tools

If you need email marketing, social media marketing, and/or Google Ads – These elements are included with your site to help you reach all who need to know about the sensational products/services you provide!

Themes & Apps

What’s hysterical is when Gicewicz sits with the majority of new clients, he asks what the client wants their site to look like. And you know what the answer is? More often than not, it’s something like their competitors. With Shopify, there is a vast array of themes and apps to help customize it precisely how you want it. 


Shopify is Global. You could be selling someone all the way in New Zealand while you sleep. How wonderful is that? 


Shopify makes it easy for your customers to do business with you. Plain and simple. The easier things are, the more like they are to use. The more likely they are to use it over and over again. The more likely they are to recommend it to a friend.

For more information about shifting your e-commerce site to a Shopify site, contact JEG DESIGN INC by clicking here for your free consultation!  And who knows, maybe this could be the reason why I think my spouse is now sleeping with the UPS guy. 

Written By Keith Hannigan