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For over 25 years, Jonathan Gicewicz (Gice) of JEG DESIGN INC has been providing his client’s award-winning Graphic and Web Design Services in Vermont & surrounding areas. His areas of expertise consist of, but are not limited to: Website Design + Database Development + PHP Coding + SEO + WordPress Website Development + WordPress Elementor Builder + WordPress Customization & Theme Integrations + Graphic Design + Logo Design + Google Workspace Consulting

When Gice isn’t working — you can find him on the golf course, cross country skiing, biking, or following Phish.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, Calico, their two french bulldogs, Jerry & Newman, and their cat Bowie. And when he finds himself with a little more time than usual, he consumes as much of the mountain life as a Vermonter can. 

More than anything, Gice has a deep love for the fine arts and design. This passion he’s had since childhood has fueled the successful design companies he graciously runs today.

Whenever Gice is asked what separates him from the rest of the designers of this world — he says, “I’m the only person I know, that meets every deadline I’m given. Any day of the week, I can and will make it happen!” 

With over 20 years of experience in design and development, JEG DESIGN INC possesses the artistic edge that gives that “POP” to all of his designs!

Jon is also partnering with REAL DIGITAL MARKETING and FOLLY POP DESIGN.

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latest + past design work @jegdesigninc