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When Developing A Brand


Your logo, in many cases, is the first thing your prospective client/customer will see. And it can also be the first thing they remember. That’s why JEG DESIGN INC provides its clients professional, award-winning, custom logo design Vermont. Whether you’re looking for a brand new logo designer in Vermont, New York or New Hampshire, thinking about rebranding, or just want to freshen things up a bit — JEG DESIGN INC showcases a portfolio of distinctive and creative logos for all flavors of business. Simply put, JEG DESIGN INC is the cure for all logo design needs.

Graphic + Print Design


When it comes to communicating with your intended audience — your business requires an effective, efficient way to reach them. This is where hard materials such as sales brochures, rate sheets, technical manuals & sell sheets come into play.

JEG DESIGN INC has over two decades worth of experience brochure design Vermont, providing its clients these precise, and necessary materials. For over 20 years, JEG DESIGN INC has helped and continues to help its clients develop structure to these aforementioned pieces. This ensures that the right message reaches the right audience.

Each piece contains the perfect combination of: media, content, presentation, design, artwork, copy writing, translation, photography and printing.

Achieving Effective Communication Between You & Your Customers!

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latest + past design work @jegdesigninc

latest + past design work @jegdesigninc