Wanna Save Time? Use Google Workspace

Google Workspace Consulting

Google Workspace Consulting

“I’m going to control what I can control.”

If you’re a business owner or parent, you’re all too familiar with that statement. And when I asked the owner and Chief Designer of JEG DESIGN INC, Jonathan Gicewicz, what is one thing his client can instantly control? 

“Their email services. Do you know how much time my clients waste – they tell me this all the time – scanning or deleting junk from their inboxes?  I don’t have a figure, but it’s a lot! 

So how can they control it?

“By switching over Google Workspace.”

When I asked why, Gicewicz broke it down into four primary reasons:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • And Affordability


Google Workspace is easily ahead of the pack regarding securing your emails and files. This includes two-factor authorizations, encryption, and virus scanning. 

Personally, I adore my Gmail accounts compared to my Yahoo or Hotmail accounts. If I give you either of those emails as a way to reach me, that means I don’t trust you or like you, or both. 


You know who is the host for Google Workspace? Google. Good job. Seriously though, when you’re internet seems to be going down, what’s the first channel you check? It’s usually Google. And if Google is down, we know the aliens won. 


Google Workspace makes it dramatically easier to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or just projects in general. Plus, Google Drive and Google Calendar are sensational for keeping you organized and on time.  And if you’re married to a tech-savvy individual, you know this is their go-to, so you don’t forget a goddam thing! 


Keeping your business safe shouldn’t be a privilege but a given. Ensuring your documents and emails are safe on Google Workspace may not be free; it can cost less than one venti latte a month!  

Now, Gicewicz did specify that JEG DESIGN INC does assist with migrating your company’s emails over to Google Workspace. However, he, more than anything, wanted to explain to me the greater good, if you will. Google provides an umbrella of services, and to do so, they need to keep everything safe, reliable, productive, and affordable. 

And when a company does this, you know they have their users’ best interest in mind. And that is something JEG DESIGN INC, especially Jonathan Gicewicz, can stand behind. For more information, you can contact Gicewicz for a free consultation by clicking here

And let JEG DESIGN INC help you take control of what you can control! 

Written by Keith Hannigan