The Importance of Secure and Fast Website Hosting Solutions

website hosting

A lifetime ago, I worked in the wonderful world of radio advertising. One of my clients was having a sale, and they realized they needed to start promoting their website (due to the money they had sunk into it). And we did. I wrote a funny yet poignant script. Their key demographic aligned perfectly with our  Classic Rock radio station. And I plotted a schedule that saturated the morning (6 am to 10 am) and afternoon (3 pm to 7 pm) drive times. One unfortunate thing was accounted for, though…

Their website couldn’t handle the traffic.

If you’ve ever hopped on a site, been engulfed by pop-ups, and had a session timeout, you likely never returned or gave the company a second chance. That’s how important a first impression is.  However, lost in the design, lost in the language used, lost in the color schemes, and lost in the clever URL is having a secure and fast website host.   

Why is secure and fast website hosting so important? 

  • Security: A secure website hosting solution protects your website from hackers and malicious threats. Why is this important? Because hackers can steal your data, inject malware into your website, or even take your website offline.
  • Speed: A fast website hosting solution will ensure your website loads quickly for visitors. Why is speed important? Because visitors are more likely to leave your website if it takes too long to load.
  • Reliability: A reliable website hosting solution will ensure that your website is always up and running. Why is reliability important? Because you don’t want your website to be down when you need it most.

Why use JEG DESIGN INC for my website hosting solutions?

Because JEG DESIGN INC offers full-featured hosting plans that can be bundled to include Server Stats, Spam Protection, and E-mail Services:

  • Server Stats: JEG DESIGN INC’s server stats service is designed to help you track the traffic your website attracts. Server stats pinpoints the source location, keyword, or keywords used to find your business, referral sites, daily hits/pages/visits, and lots more valuable info to help refine your content management. We can also help install Google Analytics. 
  • Spam Protection: JEG DESIGN INC’s Spam Protections will save you time by eliminating unwanted and intrusive traffic to your site and e-mail inbox. Speaking of e-mail…
  • E-mail Services: JEG DESIGN INC can and will assist you in setting up Google Workspace (G Suite) for domain e-mail management.

So, why use JEG DESIGN INC for your website hosting solutions? JEG DESIGN INC provides you with solutions designed to help you succeed. Whether launching a simple brochure website or a high-traffic Shopify e-commerce site – JEG DESIGN INC gives you the necessary resources. 


If the client had a better site, would I still be in radio due to our overwhelming success in driving traffic to their slow-functioning site? Probably not. However, if you want a secure and fast website host – contact JEG DESIGN INC today for your free estimate. And hopefully, instead of being a cautionary tale, your company will be one of our many success stories!