Revamp Your Online Presence in 2023: Get a New Website!

New Website Design

Boosting. Is that a buzzword these days? It seems like everything has a boost. 

  • Boost your coffee to give it more caffeine. 
  • Boost your fuel to make it more effective and efficient. 
  • Boost your business with these four easy steps.

We can’t speak about the first two – even though we’re big fans of matcha – but the last one can be done by having a personal, well-designed website. How? Well, let’s grab some matcha, and let’s go!

The “Sexy” Web Design:

Now, online dating is like being a pro wrestling fan; we all do it, but we’d never admit it. However, when you’re searching for that date with destiny by moving a thumb left and right on your cellphone screen – you’re searching for one thing, eye-appeal.  It’s the exact same thing when surfing the waves of the world wide web. 

Now, we’re not saying go out and make your site pretty for the sake of pretty.  But we are saying that if your site looks like a 1985 Dodge Lancer in 2023 – it’s not a classic; it’s just decrepitated.  

User Experience:

Now, since you’re a closet pro wrestling fan, remember when you landed on a website and had to wrestle with confusing navigation, never-ending loading screens, and more pop-ups than a porn site? Many of us do, and having to go onto your site and relive that brings back the PTSD of having to use Internet Explorer. Meaning a web designer, such as JEG DESIGN INC, can go in and make navigation as seamless as driving with Google Maps (not Waze…). We provide one screen that allows the user to scroll down and not worry about load times. And those pop-ups? We’ll let those just stay on the dark side of the web where they belong.   

Boosting SEO:

Keywords, meta tags, constant updates – While all of these seem like “just one more thing” for you to do, enlist a savvy web designer, such as JEG DESIGN INC, you don’t have to worry because we will handle that for you. All the while, you and your company will reap the search engine benefits this will provide. Trust us, Tony Soprano has plenty of dead bodies on page two of Google. We’ll help you stay out of those swamps. 

Brand Consistency:

Business equals branding, and branding equals business. When a customer walks through your door, you want them to know they are in your world, and in this world, you can provide solutions to their needs and problems. And you want the same thing with your website. Your website is the perfect platform to showcase your brand’s personality, values, and overall uniqueness. We will work with you to ensure your website aligns with your brand identity, creating a consistent and memorable customer experience. From color schemes to typography. Your website will tell the world, “This is who we are!”


Hopefully, by reading this, you now better understand why a new website could be the secret weapon your business needs in 2023. With an eye-catching design, seamless user experience, boosted SEO, and brand consistency, your website will be a force in the digital realm. For a free estimate, including a review of your current site, contact Jonathan Gicewicz at JEG DESIGN INC by clicking here. And tell him you need a boost!