Funky Flies Merchandise Launch

Funky Flies Coloring Book

Changing direction can be horrifying. If you disagree, you’ve never ridden shotgun with a 16-year-old driver in Atlanta. It can be – not life-threatening, but grave in consequence – as horrifying to pivot for profit. For some, it’s debilitating. For people like Jon Gicewicz, it’s annually.

Funky Flies LLC has gone from a world-changing NFT to apparel ranging from shoe charms to skateboards to rugs. Yes, rugs. Why? I chatted about that with the Founder, Owner, and Designer of Funky Flies LLC, Mr. Gicewicz. 

“I had to breathe for a bit (from the NFT game). It’s a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week world, and I’d rather invest my time in building the street apparel and merchandise brand and something that NON-NFT people can latch onto.”

But why continue with the Funky Flies brand?

“Because we’re a community, and we’re building things. When we did the Uganda Skateboard Project (Funky Flies donated 100 complete skateboards to the Uganda Skateboard Society),  I knew we not only had something people wanted, but we had something people wanted to get behind.”

So Funky Flies still has a plan to impact the world, just different from what was initially conceived?

“Ya, ish. We have always wanted to expand beyond the world of NFTs. I just decided to be proactive and diligent about it.”

One word to describe what you’ve got going on over at Funky Flies.

“Fun. There’s a saying with artists – if the artist is having fun, then the audience is having fun. I believe that. You know what I’m talking about. If you’re writing a piece and having a blast doing it, those reading it will dig it. Same here. I’m having the time of my life, and I think people really love it.

When I first saw the Funky Flies project, I loved the whole Funky Flies Army taking over the world vibe. Is that still true with T-shirts, coloring books, and bug spray?

“Like a phoenix from the ashes, the swarm has arisen to take on the goliaths that have overtaken the world. I think our shift to apparel will have a faster and greater impact than the original project could have imagined. From kids to senior citizens, we have something for everyone!”

What’s next for Funky Flies?

“Next? More.”

Is that a prediction?

“No, bro. Fact.”

I’ve known Gice for over 15 years. And if he sounds confident, good because he is. Just ask anyone who has ever played golf with the man. But his confidence only matches his determination. And he’s determined to not only put out something people will love, but he also wants to have the time of his life while doing it. And who could blame him?

To check out everything that Funky Flies LLC has, does, and is working on – have some time because it’s a lot, and click here. And click here to check out Funky Flies LLC’s Amazon store.