ChatGPT AI in Web & Graphic Design


The inclusion of AI in the world of design – whether graphic, web, or writing – is like snuggling with my sick son. While nice and cute, there’s this ominous feeling of potential disaster.

 ChatGPT is the first time in recent memory AI became dinner table talk. It went from being something only people in tech talked about to what everyone was talking about.

“My phone BLEW UP!” Explained Jon Gicewicz, owner and operator of JEG DESIGN INC. and Funky Flies LLC.

“People in the NFT game were asking me what I thought. People in graphic design were asking me what I thought. People in web design were asking me what I thought.”

And what did Gicewicz think?



“It’s a convenient store. It has some nice things to help you get from point A to point B. But it’s missing an awful lot. You can’t feed your family for a week shopping at a 7-Eleven.”

He means that if you’re looking to create a solid structure, using an AI program is invaluable. It will reduce a series of steps that destroy time like a category-five storm. However, you may be struggling if you’re looking for a unique home to build upon that foundation.

“When I create a website or logo for a client, I sit with the client. I get to know the client. I get to know their business. And I learn their unique call-to-action and why you should do business with them, especially in web design. We live in a world with approximately 200 million websites actively maintained.  When I create a site, I need to add the proprietor’s personality. If not. It’s no different than someone having a Facebook page.”

This last statement resonated deeply with me because, as I always say about being a writer, no two writers have the same voice. If they do, it’s called plagiarism. Nonetheless, AI does have advantages.

“Not everyone is creative. Not everyone has time to be creative. And if someone isn’t creative, not everyone has the means to employ someone who is creative. So, while I’m not a fan of AI-produced content, it does help those who can’t help themselves.”

Overall, how does Gicewicz feel about being an artist during these times of artificial artistry?

“Ya, is it cool to type in a bunch of terms and see a program spit out something psychedelic? Sure. But it’s devoid of personality. It lacks relatability. And it doesn’t tell the unique story that makes creativity crush!”

And I couldn’t agree more. Will AI as an artist be a fad? Probably not. While some assume it will be another Metaverse, it will likely be an evolution of the internet. As the world wide web eliminates going to a library and thumbing through a catalog of cards or scanning endless hours of microfiche newspaper articles, AI will provide examples to the uninspired. It will supply research in seconds. And it can help a site with no semblance of SEO achieve results.

But it won’t be yours. It will not sound like you. Look like you. Or feel like you. And if you’re looking for a logo, graphic, and/or website that is truly yours – contact JEG DESIGN INC. today for your free consultation.


Written by Keith Hannigan