Why Your Social Media Needs a Landing Page

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I just had my first ever child. He’s a baby boy named Luciano. Luca for short.  It’s also the name of my Columbian stepbrother’s dog. If you have a child, you realize, pretty darn quickly, that you need to be patient. Because, aside from the nighttime screaming, lack of sleep, and changing poopie diapers two minutes after you just changed a poopie diaper – there are many steps in his growth.  

For example, an infant goes from laying on their back to laying on their side, to spitting up while laying on their back which causes you to stay up all night thinking your baby is about to choke, so you have a staring competition with his moonlit belly wondering if it’s moving. 

Think about this when it comes to your social media page.  It starts as a page with little to no growth. Then it moves. Then it grows. Then it throws up all over itself, and you have night terrors over a lack of conversions. 

What do we suggest? 

  1. Patience
  2. And a landing page

While we can recommend books and/or podcasts to teach you the former – or should I say my wife can.

Today, we intend to teach you how the answer can be the latter – a landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific, designated page that’s part of a marketing campaign, initiative, or promotion.  

Whether it be an email or a social media post/bio link – having a landing page is essential for not only a call-to-action; it also continues the process. 

Think about any Instagram post from Bed Bath and Beyond screaming 20%  off by clicking the LINK IN OUR BIO. That link will take you back to a landing page that is nothing more than a drawer in my kitchen filled with BB&B 20% off coupons. 

Kidding. It will take you to the promise of the premise. A page that grabs you by the hand and leads you to the next step, which is hopefully one step closer to converting a shopper into a customer. 

But we know what you may be thinking…

What’s the difference between a landing page and a home page?

Landing Page

  • Is all about conversions
  • It has one specific purpose
  • Has limited options
  • Typically is a special offer
  • Is all about the marketing

Home Page

  • Is all about taking you to other pages
  • Is usually about branding
  • Has a variety of links 
  • Think of it like a magazine cover
  • The very top of the sales funnel

Sounds great, but…

Where do I get a landing page?

Whether you’re a service or an e-commerce site, JEG DESIGN INC. can and will create for you a landing page that will be simple, effective, and won’t destroy your bank account. For more information or a  free estimate, contact JEG DESIGN INC. today. And let our award-winning web designers help you take your social media page from a crawl to a sprint.