Funky Flies Donates To The Uganda Skate Board Society

Funky Flies Donates To The Uganda Skate Board Society

NFT Community is one in itself — proud, loyal, and full of piss and vinegar.  Let’s face it, we’ve outlined in the past how it’s feasible that One-Eye Willy from Goonies was snuffed out by some NFT pirate pissed about a Willy having a better profile pic. However, communities share. Communities give back. And communities support one another, even when it comes to NFT donations. 


Jonathan Gicewicz, Founder, Web Designer, Artist, and Project Manager of Funky Flies NFT had an idea – let’s find someone who could use our help.  

Funky Flies is a non-fungible token that has declared a Revolution Has Hatched!  But how the hell can an NFT of a tripped-out insect help people in a community?

The Uganda Skateboard Society was formed back in 2011 by Gose Gerald in the Ugandan municipality of Mukono. A rapidly growing district 15 miles just outside the capital of Kampala.  And when I say rapidly, going from 3500 people in 1969 to 191,300 as of two years ago sorta rapid. You know, kinda like those who all of a sudden became experts in the blockchain

Here’s the thing, though –  when a city grows at an extreme rate, such as Mukono, a significant representation of that population are kids between the ages of 12 to 18. Also known as the age when kids get bored and start doing shady stuff.  

But this non-profit on-profit organization decided it was going to use skateboarding as a tool to empower youth and kids in Uganda. You see, the Uganda Skateboard Society is a local community of skateboarders from Uganda dedicated to providing access to skateboarding materials and DIY skateparks. 

A community…

“I found something on Twitter.” Rarely does any good story start that way, except in this case. 

After Gicewicz started searching for a worthy cause, his partner “Rasta Rick” informed him of what he found, The Uganda Skateboard Society.  A perfect place to showcase the kickass art that Funky Flies  NFT had created.  A noble cause eager to accept an NFT donation. And a community that fits the Funky Flies vibe.

So, Funky Flies contacted AZPX Skateboards, donated 100 skateboard set-ups, and they partnered to produce and send 100 complete skateboards to the Uganda Skateboard Society

What was it like for the Uganda Skateboard Society to receive this gift?  

And how did Gicewicz feel after seeing this?  “These types of NFT donations are officially part of the Funky Flies brand roadmap.”

What does this mean?  

To be continued…