Website Hosting Security

website security

You hear the horror stories. Out of the blue, your website goes down. And with it your e-mail. It feels like Armagedon (OK, well not quite, but you get the idea).

We rely so much on technology today — in both our professional and personal lives — that when it doesn’t work the way we expect it to, we panic. Not only is the fear of a “crash” present, we also fear the “hack.”

And it does happen.

In 2011, there was a breach in security with, where more than 400 hosting merchant accounts were affected. This past July, UPS Stores (a subsidiary of United Parcel Service) also was hacked, which may have led to the theft of customer credit and debit data at 51 UPS franchises in the United States. Even more recent, The Home Depot was hacked and this past month JP Morgan!

No matter what measures we take, we are all at risk! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. It even happens to the “big guys.” And we are nieve if we think it can never happen to us. Whether you’re hosted on a shared server or a dedicated server, issues can arise and happen world-wide.

Here at JEG, we don’t host our websites in our office basement. We take security very seriously. We partner with and other hosting partners, where all of our websites are hosted and stored securely on a co-located networks that are monitored 24-7.

By making sure the hosting partner you work with is a dedicated one, it will put your mind at ease!