The Parallax Scrolling Sites Trend

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Chances are you’re attracted to what looks good. What looks great? Bold. Subtle. Simple elegance. Whatever your style, design counts. In the past, it has been sometimes tricky to translate great design, normally used for printed materials like magazine covers or posters, into great website design. Simply put, the “code” on the “backend” doesn’t always function the way the designer wants it to. So while you may have an amazing vision of what you want your website to look like, it has sometimes been difficult to replicate that look — until now.

One of the latest, hottest trends in website design is scrolling content sites. This type of design, also known as parallax scrolling, provides dynamic beautiful design without making the user click through multiple pages. It is essentially just a few very long pages with stimulating design that keeps your viewer engaged longer, ultimately pulling them in to your final call to action, whatever that may be. Back in the early 2000s, things were actually the opposite. We wanted people to click through to various pages, stay on a website as long as possible — with the theory that the longer someone was on the site, the more engaged they were.

But now, with scrolling content sites, the bold and beautiful design actually draws the reader in — keeping the reader more engaged and actually wanting to read more. Remember, the design has to capture the audience first otherwise the scrolling concept won’t work. And, because tracking these scrolling sites has become easier with mouse tracking and movement, you can now garner better statistics about what your customers are reading and liking versus what they walk away from.

Everyone still likes the concept of a home page however. And a long, long home page seems a bit out of whack. But with a scrolling site, we can actually create your navigation at the top of the screen/page, where it stays, regardless if your viewer is scrolling down or not. So while your viewer may be at the middle of the website page, or even at the end, the nav bar at the top will still be easily available. There are many more benefits that I’d love to share with you if this is something you’re interested in.

Take a look at a few of the sites that I’ve designed with scrolling content pages and see what you think, then let’s chat. Check ‘em out…