Your Website and The Importance of a First Impression

first impressions

Do you know how long a nanosecond is? A billionth of a second.  A trillionth of a second is a picosecond. And a quadrillionth of a second, well, that there is a femtosecond.   

Why do I mention that? Because, in this piece by the Harvard Business Review — an author of a disruptive technology book, Whitney Johnson said, “We make a judgment (about people) in a nanosecond. And once that impression is formed, it’s very, very hard to change it.” 

I tell you that to ask you this — if it takes a nanosecond to pass judgment on a person you just met, how quickly do you declare friend or foe about a website you just skimmed? A picosecond? A femtosecond? 

In our post for you today, we’re going to help you make sure that all who find themselves surfing the site you provide have one hell of a time. 

How? Well, we’re going to make sure your site is structured properly. Then, we need to make sure your site is always right. 

Confused yet? Good, it’s intentional.  


Do you remember your first email address? It’s comical to think about. Seriously, mine was [email protected].  I actually still use the thing just as a reminder of how foolish first drafts will be.  The same can be said of your website.  

Chances are if you already have an existing site, it’s not the first version of it.  Why? Because just like your business — as you progressed, you got wiser.  Even if you weren’t the initial designer of your site, you more than likely have a better idea today than you did yesterday about what you want and/or need.   

You got the grasp of a foundation.  And at JEG DESIGN INC, Jonathan Gicewicz, owner and chief creator, that foundation consists of: 

  • Simplicity
  • Contact 
  • Call To Action
  • Site Security
  • Site Backups
  • And Content  

“We (JEG DESIGN INC) offer simple, eye-catching designs that have a call to action.  Meanwhile, behind the scene, the owner knows that their site is secure for all to enjoy.”  

And how does one let the first-time visitor know all of this? 

“Strong content that is not too wordy but just enough to let the reader know who they (the company) are, what they do, and why they do it.  Plus content is a great tool for SEO. So, there’s that.”

While all of that is nice, here’s the thing — if these elements contain the necessary components to entice the browser to start to form an opinion, what ultimately gets them (the customer) to respond?

The stuff they want to see!


How do I reach you?  

From friendship to courtship, finding out how to connect has always carried the utmost importance.  So much so that in this piece by Hubspot, they wanted to know specifically how important. That’s why they surveyed 285 people asking, what are the most important things a website design needs to have?  Hubspot’s findings:  

  1. 62%   Contact Us
  2. 31%    About Us
  3. 30%   Social Media 
  4. 28%   Live Chat
  5. 27%    Product Images and Videos 
  6. 20% Case Studies
  7. 19%   A Blog
  8. 10%     Newsletter Sign-Up

Pretty wide margin between first and second, ya? However, please note the primary theme contained within three out of the top four — how do I get in touch with you?  And coming in at number two, About Us. Or in other words:  Who are you? What do you do? And why do you do it?  

How do I reach you? And when I do, tell me, why do I need to care?

It’s not that complex, now is it?  It’s the first date.  A job interview. Or just getting to know someone, right? 

Because my friends, that’s all it really is.   


Why is a first impression such a big deal?  Well, for one, it helps make sure you and whomever you’re dealing with get off on the right foot.  

But it’s deeper than that, according to Dorie Clark, the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future — “You get the benefit of the doubt.” “So then if you ever say the wrong thing, make a mistake, or arrive at work late, the other person is more likely to assume the best.” A strong first impression, she says, “gives you more latitude to be human.” Or as simple as one can put it, it’s about trust.  

You want to make sure your client/customer/prospect likes you right away? Let them know right out of the gate, “this is how you can find me, and this is all you need to know about me.”  

And you do that authentically — you get their attention, you acquire their trust, and you earn their grace. 

Contact JEG DESIGN INC today for your free estimate.  And let them help you earn that grace in a femtosecond.  

Written by Keith Hannigan. Keith is the co-owner and Chief Writer at SBI Content Creation LLC. A content writing company just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash