What’s to Come From JEG DESIGN INC in 2021!

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20 years ago, Jonathan Gicewicz, while working for a local print & graphic design shop in Rutland, Vermont (who is now a client), realized something — life being just a graphic designer is going to be extremely difficult. That’s when “Gice” decided he needed to do more. That being a graphic designer wasn’t enough. That he, in addition to being an award winning graphic designer, was going to take a stab at website design. 

Long story short, this is how JEG DESIGN INC was born. And 20 years later, JEG DESIGN INC is as big as ever.   

Moral of this story — complacency is not in his DNA. 

That’s why in JEG DESIGN INC’s 21st year of existence, in 2021, they will be undergoing some major business-based changes. 

I had to know why. So here is a quick conversation I had with the Owner, Operator, and Chief Designer of JEG DESIGN INC, the aforementioned Jonathan Gicewicz.



Gice, I have to know why are you doing this? Did your favorite show get canceled or something?  

“It was time for a change.  I haven’t been happy with my site since it was re-done in 2017. It just wasn’t me.”

So, what did you do? 

“I went back and analyzed a design I did back in 2013. I really loved that design. Not only did I like the design better, but it (the site) was also a better representation of me as a person.” 

Before we go any further, I want you to really take a look at what he said right there: “it was a better representation of me as a person.”

JEG DESIGN INC isn’t a store you can walk into, smell the Nag Champa and hear the Reggae play as you look at essential oils from all over the globe. It’s a Vermont web design company. The only way you can get a feel for who they are and what they’re about is by browsing the different pages contained within the site. I just thought that is worth noting as people, more than ever, are looking to do business with companies that not only meet their needs. But are also companies that are owned and operated by people they like.  

So, what else did Gicewicz do? 

“I had to go in and rebuild the whole entire thing from the ground up. This made it much more SEO friendly, provided faster load times, making it more handicap accessible, and transformed it into more of a tool than simply a brochure.”

I love that last part. He decided to make it a tool for his company rather than a MySpace page. A site that would generate leads, answer questions, increase engagement and so much more. 

What’s next for JEG DESIGN INC. in its 20th Anniversary Year?

“In 2021, it’s our goal to be more proactive and keep in better touch with our clients. We will make sure to remind our clients to keep their sites secure, updated, and current. Whether that means content, a new design, or what have you — only time will tell.”

I also noticed the site will have a Shop feature, what is this about?

“I think now, more than ever, we have to support small businesses.  I mean JEG DESIGN INC is not only a small business, but our livelihood is based on the success of other small businesses. So, since I have a page that can help them, I will do just that. Moving forward we will provide an opportunity for our clients to sell their products on our page. It’s just a little token of appreciation for their support over the years. Plus, you can buy some pretty sweet JEG DESIGN INC swag there as well. So there’s that.”



I’ve personally worked with Gice for the past few years. And I know that due to the unprecedented shift of companies needing to establish a web presence because of  COVID-19 — JEG DESIGN INC is busier than ever. 

However, this perfectly encapsulates the point made earlier — complacency is not in Jonathan Gicewicz’s vocabulary.  

So, when you get a chance, be sure to check out JEG DESIGN INC’s revamped site, today! Then contact JEG DESIGN INC for your free estimate on all your graphic/web design needs.  

Happy 20th Anniversary JEG DESIGN INC and I guess there is no better way to end this post than with this…

To be continued…

Written by Keith Hannigan of S.B.I Content Creation LLC.