It’s Halftime: 3 Web Design Trends for the First Half of 2021

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I once heard — the hardest thing in all of sports is being at halftime of a championship game and having to ditch the game plan that got you there cause it ain’t working. 

Well, it’s halftime of the year 2021, and how is your website performing? Now, this isn’t a piece about how to ensure your website performs better in the second half of the year. Even though that’s a solid topic. Instead, this blog is going to spotlight what’s trending for the first part of the year. 

To find this out, we went straight to a man whose been tirelessly creating new sites and improving existing ones — Jonathan Gicewicz of JEG DESIGN INC. Finding time to chat with him was tough.  Why? Because he’s so busy, his company is setting new records every month. Eventually, we did sit down and when we spoke, he outlined three specific areas his clients have consistently requested: 

  1. Their websites have some form of e-Commerce
  2. Their websites have some form of Zoom Integration
  3. And that his restaurant clients, with menu services, possess a Point of Sale Integration

So, sit down, take your helmet off, grab some Gatorade, and let’s break down what has happened in the first six months of the year through the eyes of someone deep in the trenches.   


Years ago, when the world didn’t require facemasks and six feet of separation — I discussed with a client of mine the potential of promoting their website in their commercial. You see, I was working for a cluster of radio stations, at the time, and it was much easier to write a radio script that mentioned a companies website as opposed to a ten-digit phone number.  

The client barked back that there was no way he would or could do transactional business through their site because, and I quote — “My customers need to talk to me to truly understand why they must do business with my company.” End quote. 

I checked on that former client a few days ago.  My old Myspace page looks better than their site. 

The reason I bring this up is — not investing in an e-commerce friendly site, for both desktop and mobile, is potentially cataclysmic to the health of your company.  And with 2020 showing everyone how crucial it is to have an online store presence — 2021 has yielded Jonathan Gicewicz, owner and Chief Designer at JEG DESIGN INC, more e-commerce site designs in the history of the company. 

“It’s insane. It feels like every site I do now has some form of e-commerce.” 

And with e-commerce trends predicted to have an increase from $4.9 Trillion (with a T) to $6.4 Trillion by 2024 — it’s not only critical your site have some facet of e-commerce, it’s imperative it performs optimally.  

Zoom Integration

My introduction to Zoom meetings was back in 2018. I just moved from Glens Falls, New York to Holly Springs, Georgia, and one of the companies I worked with was back in New York.  Every week, I would either screw up logging on or have a crappy wi-fi signal or both — and the meeting would end prematurely due to my incompetence.  

Two years later, I was leading my own Zoom rooms comprised of people with a net worth close to a billion dollars. What happened? A pandemic forced me to not only purchase Zoom, but it also required that I get good at it, fast!  

How many of you have similar stories?  

Teachers taught, owners consulted, and friends had drinks — all via Zoom. And because of this, many websites were forced to integrate Zoom onto their existing sites. Including businesses like yours.  

Zoom provides an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. Whether it be one on one meetings or hosting a teleconference to announce a brand new product launch — Zoom gives you the ability to connect unlike ever before.  

Remember the guy who struggled to grasp the concept of e-commerce? Well, with Zoom, he could just as easily speak to a group of people — no matter where they are — and make that connection he claimed was critical to the health of his business.   

Furthermore, if a Zoom call were to provide valuable insight — it could be recorded and be used as evergreen content on your companies site.  

Which is fantastic because, as we all know, Content is King!

Menu Service with POS Integration

What you got? How many times have you heard that? I’m a writer, and I can’t tell you how euphoric I get when pitching a story just to be asked, “what else do you have?”  

It’s not insulting. It’s more like, “okay, you’ve got my attention, now tell me more about what else you may have for me.”

Well, keeping or delighting a customer is how many companies, restaurants, in particular, build and retain their customer base. And with the restaurant industry possibly taking it on the chin more than any other company during recent times — eliminating or reducing the size of any potential hiccup is essential.   

That’s why JEG DESIGN INC. uses Toast. A single restaurant platform that: 

  • Enhances guest experience 
  • Enhances operations with 24/7 service
  • Enhances employee efficiency
  • And increases profits 

If you have a restaurant and are interested in more information about this, contact JEG DESIGN INC for your free estimate. 


Okay — the band has just finished, and the second half is ready to kick off.  Are you going to stick with the plan that has gotten you this far and pray for a miracle? Or are you going to learn from those who’ve had continued success in this “new world” and see if you can put your own spin on it?  

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, right? Well, if you think doing what you’ve always done is going to get you to where you want to be — One may label you as insane. My wife would call you just plain ole’ stubborn.  

However, if you’ve read this and realized it’s time to get counsel from website designer Vermont who are seeing every day what’s working and what’s not — then you need to hit up Jon at JEG DESIGN INC

Whether it’s any questions about any of the information provided or you want to bend Jon’s ear — he’d be happy to help.  

Contact JEG DESIGN INC for your free estimate and find out how easy it is to get yourself a functional, secure, active, and SEO-friendly website. And get BACK into the game!    

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Written by Keith Hannigan. Keith is the co-owner and Chief Writer at SBI Content Creation LLC. A content writing company just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Main post photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash