How to Choose Typeface Styles for Web & Print Design

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Have you ever noticed that you tend to see Typography as soon as you open your eyes till you close your eyes at night? Fonts are everywhere whether you go to restaurants or in your office, or even in the home.

Hence it plays a vital role in our lives, and if the fonts are chosen perfectly by a specific person, it surely grabs your attention.

I still remember once I visit a particular cafe, and the quotes are written on the wall inspired me a lot that I couldn’t resist appreciating it because of the right selection of fonts. On the other hand, many people might have never noticed the fonts that appear around them, yet they never paid attention to it. Isn’t it?

It takes millions of things to reach the perfect font, and by taking care of each thing, you can get your hands on the appropriate one.

In this guide, I am going to share a detailed guide on choosing the typefaces for your web and print designs to make them viral. If you are looking forward to it in the future, then this article is for you.

Choosing Typeface Styles for Web & Print Design

To me, every designer under appreciates the importance of Fonts. Choosing the appropriate fonts is a tough job that needs years of experience and dedication. Once you get a firm grip on it, you will always succeed. Today we have multiple options of Fonts from which we can make a selection.

Picking a typeface family that incorporates an enormous assortment of weights, widths, and even both serif and sans-serif varieties is a keen thought for some ventures.

It gives designers a ton of choices for any project that may descend the specific brand pipeline. Let’s proceed further and discuss the points step by step for better comprehension.

1 – Follow the Brand Guideline

Brand Guidelines are a series of rules and policies that have been used in order to make your brand. It determines How the brand is made, including Color, Logo, background, Typography, etc.

These guidelines are essential to make a branding strategy and afterward stick to that strategy. Hence, if you are already familiar with a brand guide to work with, stick to it when fabricating your web design.

2 – Importance of Consistency

Your brand should have a recognition value from which any other business recognizes you. If you keep on experimenting with new fonts, it will seem like a mess that will have an adverse impact on the viewers. When someone receives your Business card, they surely have an overlook on your entire website appearance.

If they found a bundle of fonts used in it, they won’t be impressed with you. Suppose you have used avenir next font for the logo, be consistent on it. You might don’t know that avenir is a font that were used by very popular brands in their logos, and since many years, it is used by a number of designers in their web and print designs.

So, if you use a font that is very popular used on the web and everyone out there know about it then I’m sure you are going to make a big difference.

Let’s get a bit deeper in the Brands guidelines and importance of consistency.

1 – Sort out Your Brand’s Personality

If you want to make your web design class apart, you should be familiar with the brand personality on which you are working. What type of business are you running? Either it is a traditional or modern one? After knowing the answers, it will be easy for you to go for which font. Once you are familiar with the answers, it will be easy to make a particular choice.

2 – Select Fonts according to the Personality

Now you have brace yourself with the brand’s niche; what’s next? The next step requires the selection of fonts according to the niche. If you are working on a traditional website, various fonts are available that serves this purpose. For instance, Helvetica Font, Avenir Font, Univers font, and many more.

On the other hand, if your website is modern, then you have thousands of choices. If you want to communicate a particular message through your brand, such fonts are also present for you.

Fonts Suitable for Web

Whatever brand you are working on, I would recommend you get your hands-on safe web fonts that are the fonts that don’t require installing on your viewer’s laptop or mobile to view it correctly. It will appear correctly on every device. You can get your hands on such fonts online, too, from different websites.

The major complicated task that every designer face is combining the multiple fonts on web design because whenever you make a site, you are surely going to use more than 1 font on it. Combining fonts requires a few simple steps that you should follow to make your work done efficiently. Let’s discuss those steps:

• The foremost rule is never to use more than 3 fonts in a single project; otherwise, it will create a mess, and your website will look odd, and people won’t find it attractive. To make it extraordinary, don’t exceed the limit to 3.

• The next important rule is to use those fonts that compliment each other. For instance, if you have selected Serif font, then use the other fonts from the same class throughout your website, and if you have gone for Sans-serif, stick to it.

• Consistency is a key element. Whatever hierarchy you have built, stick to it. If you try to bring a change, your entire structure will be changed that might negatively impact your users.


Selecting the appropriate fonts for your web entire depends on the goals you want to attain. Whenever you think about design and style, you should have a complete plan to present it to the world. Once you have a brand guideline, you can be succeeded in making your goals done.

However, in this article, I have shared all the essential elements that might help you in the future. By following the steps mentioned above, you can surely get your hands on the suitable fonts that will go best for your website. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative.