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I do believe it’s time to continue our talk about web hosting companies and the services they provide. But for now let’s get to it and discover just what this next set of web hosting terms (listed below) mean to you and your website.

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4.    Bandwidth
5.    Stats
6.    DNS

In the web hosting world – refers to how much data transfers into and out of your web hosting account. Data transfers include loading web pages, email traffic, the transfer of data from one host to another, just to name a few. Some companies provide limited bandwidth per month while others offer unlimited. The amount of bandwidth your website will require depends upon the amount of traffic your site generates as well as the complexity of your content. For example, a website that is loaded with large files like music, videos or software application downloads will require a greater amount of bandwidth. Check with your hosting company to find out what happens if you exceed your monthly bandwidth allotment and plan accordingly.

Domain Name System
Or DNS translates domain names, like, for example, into an IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP addresses are numeric and are easier for our computers to understand and process. Essentially, without DNS we would need to remember a numeric address for all of our favorite websites instead of the simple domain names we’ve grown accustomed to. What a nightmare that would be! Instead, all you need to do is type in a domain name, your request is then routed to a DNS server for translation.  What’s even sweeter is all this “stuff” is happening behind the scenes while a few taps on the keyboard and a mouse click brings you the information you are looking for!  Amazing!

Server Stats/Webalizer*
Or [website] statistics is a collection of data generated from your website traffic. Your web hosting company can provide you with a collection of data that includes hourly, daily, monthly and yearly tracking information. This information can be used to measure the effectiveness of your website, where your traffic originates geographically, referral sites, keyword search terms, and so much more. This data can be analyzed by you to evaluate your site and to help in devising a marketing strategy and advertising campaign in order improve website effectiveness. These days stats are more much than just a traffic counting tool.

*The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed,
easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.

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Well, I’d say that’s enough information to absorb today. As you can see there is lots to learn when it comes to web hosting and the Internet. Stop back later for PART 3 of Web Hosting, What, Who and Why?!

7.    Shared vs. Dedicated
8.    Hosting CPANEL
9.    E-mail

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