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What is a Mobile APP (And Why Does Your Business Need One)?
“Mobile App” (or just “app”) is short for “mobile application.” A mobile application is a program that is downloaded directly onto a smartphone or tablet. When people talk about apps for businesses, they are talking about programs for mobile devices made by companies for their customers to download onto their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Apps can be programmed so that customers can use them to place orders, book appointments, look up information, or many other essential business services.

What’s the Difference Between an APP and a Website?
Unlike a website, a mobile app is a program that is downloaded directly to a customer’s phone or tablet. Instead of opening up a web browser and entering a URL (i.e. a website’s address) to access a website, with apps customers simply press a button on their mobile device’s screen and start running the program directly from their phone or tablet.

What Kind of Companies Use Mobile APPS?
Mobile apps have become increasingly popular for all types of businesses, from small businesses to major corporations. According to a 2013 survey, 71% of businesses were considering creating apps for their business, while 33% said that they had already started using them or were in the process of creating them. In another survey conducted by AT&T, more than a third of businesses said that apps were a necessary part of their business.

Who Uses APPS to Access Goods & Services?
In 2014, the average mobile user spent two hours a day on their smartphone or tablet. Of the time they spent using their phones, 86% of that time was spent using apps. Apps are the preferred way that mobile users like to use their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. 21st century customers expectcompanies, big or small, to have apps that allow them to easily place orders, book appointments, or otherwise interact with them through their mobile devices.

APP Development & Hosting
JEG DESIGN INC offers convenient affordable mobile app development, hosting, and support for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Developing a mobile app is only the beginning of the process. Businesses need reliable, knowledgeable technical support and hosting to keep their apps updated and running smoothly. At J.E.G. Design, Inc., we offer reliable mobile app hosting and technical support. Our clients know that they can rely on our app development and support team to provide them with quick, quality service that will keep their apps running smoothly. For more information on developing an app for your business or organization, contact JEG DESIGN INC today.

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JEG DESIGN INC offers high quality mobile app development services for businesses. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise with a long history, our talented team will work to develop a highly functional, easy to use app that fits your vision and meets your customers’ needs.

Our development team will work with you to create apps for: iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones and tablets

JEG DESIGN INC apps for smartphones and tablets are designed with user experience in mind, and to help bolster your organization’s brand image even as it creates a convenient experience for your customers.

Our apps are custom built for each of our clients, and made to fit their individual visions and needs. We help customers with conception, development, and hosting, and provide expert support services from creation to deployment.

To learn more about our app development process, contact JEG DESIGN INC today.


There are many advantages to having a mobile app for your business. Whether your organization is large or small, the benefits of mobile apps include:

Visibility – APPS are downloaded directly to a user’s smartphone or tablet, creating a direct access to your business’ services without the need to even open a web browser.

Customer Loyalty – APPS encourage users to become repeat customers. When users can download your company’s app directly to their mobile devices, they are more likely to often make use of your services.

 – In a recent survey, 11% of businesses said that their main reason for having an app was that it improved their company’s image. When a business has its own mobile app, customers are more likely to regard it as a cool, modern company in touch with their needs and preferences.

– When companies use mobile apps to collect data and interact with their customers, it makes it easier for team members to access the information they need and respond to customers’ needs. Data collected through apps can easily be accessed, shared, and uploaded, streamlining operations and making adapting to customer input easier than ever.

To speak with our mobile APP development team about the benefits of an iPhone, iPad, or  Android device app for your business, contact JEG DESIGN INC today.