Rebranding Start To Finish

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Do you ever look in the mirror and say, “Man, I need a change.” It may be a new “do,” perhaps the wish to lose a few pounds here and there, a new job, or for some, maybe a dash of shimmering shadow or a new go-to outfit. Of course, that’s just the superfishal stuff on the outside. What about on the inside — what about who you are now and maybe, who you want to become?

I work with businesses on a daily basis that struggle with “a need for change.” While some think they may need something drastic to help turn their business around — or upside down — others may just need a subtle tweak to their existing brand that will bring their current identity to the next level.

Everyone — everything — is technically a brand these days. If you’re on Facebook, YOU are the brand, both personally and professionally. Tie that into the look and feel of your website, your business cards, your ads — your message. Who are you? Who do you want to be?

I recently finished a huge rebranding campaign for the Mountain Cider Company. It was a super fun project, with an awesome (and tasty!) product. And we worked through the who are we now, who do we want to be process to come up with a new brand that reflects its 25 year history, a love for apples and the enjoyment the owners and staff have knowing their cider is truly enjoyed by others.

The rebranding started with the cider concentrate product logo and look and feel of their brand and then we went from there. We created an entire campaign, from logo to table tents, advertisements, rack cards, labels, and of course, their website. The synergy all these pieces and parts now have helps to the Mountain Cider Company stand out and be recognized. And it tells their story.