Avoiding Common Website Design Mistakes

A great website encourages site visitors to interact with your content and improve engagement rates. Designing a new website is an exciting, creative venture that allows a company to put its best foot forward. To make sure your website garners the right kind of attention, watch out for some of the most common mistakes new web designers make. More

Ways to Revitalize Your Aging Website

Content ages, and the longer yours has been on the internet, the more likely it has lost readers and interest. Site visitors look for new and engaging websites that are easy to use and that feel fresh and vibrant. If your website still uses old web design principles or features stale content, now is the time to start working.  More

Designers Are Storytellers

As a designer I help businesses figure out who they are: every business has a reason for being, a reason they do what they do. I help them turn those reasons into stories. More

Vermont Security Systems by First Line Security

Residential & Commercial Security Alarm Systems - Committed to helping people protect their homes, families and businesses, creating the “piece of mind” that comes from owning a reliable security system. More

A Word About WordPress

Picture this: You love your website, but even when you need to change just one or two things – maybe even one or two words – you have to call your web designer to make those changes.  More

Designing for Something You Believe In

There are many reasons why designers create. It could be a passion for a genre or for working with clients that have the same fundamentals as you do. More

How It All Got Started

I was a freshman fine arts major at Green Mountain College (GMC ) and heard about a design contest Killington Resort was putting on. I decided to enter. It was a design contest to design the graphics for the outside of a gondola. More

Seven Days And No Sweets

Today is my seventh day in a row without a single sweet. It feels great and liberating. I am not going to sit here and lie and say it's been easy, because it's been a total struggle, but I am sticking to it! More

The Parallax Scrolling Sites Trend

Chances are you’re attracted to what looks good. What looks great? Bold. Subtle. Simple elegance. Whatever your style, design counts. In the past, it has been sometimes tricky to translate great design, normally used for printed materials like magazine covers or posters, into great website design. Simply put, the “code” on the “backend” doesn’t always function the way the designer wants it to. More

Quality Website Content

Everyone’s a writer. I swear, they are. People are very quick to make this claim, and believe it or not, many of them are. But are they website writers? Chances are, no. Unless you specifically write with a trained eye for website copy, you’re probably missing the boat.  More

Hosting Security

You hear the horror stories. Out of the blue, your website goes down. And with it your e-mail. It feels like Armagedon (OK, well not quite, but you get the idea).  More

So You Think You're a Web Designer?

So you want to build your own website with WordPress? It’s free, right? What a great deal! I’ll just write in my text, throw up a few pictures, and voila! My own new website. Well, have at it my friend. And good luck. More

Rebranding Start To Finish

Do you ever look in the mirror and say, “Man, I need a change.” It may be a new “do,” perhaps the wish to lose a few pounds here and there, a new job, or for some, maybe a dash of shimmering shadow or a new go-to outfit. Of course, that’s just the superfishal stuff on the outside. What about on the inside — what about who you are now and maybe, who you want to become? More

Sweets, Sweets and More Sweets

I have been on a sweets bender the last couple weeks. It's not a good thing. I have come to realize that sweets are my weakness. They are my vice. They consume my mind more then they should. Do I have a problem? More

Buying a Lemon, Moving On

There is nothing worse then buying something brand new, and finding out, the hard way, it's a lemon. I was in the middle of this maddness and it's wearin' me out! More

Change To Live Longer and Happier

Now that I have been back from my much needed vacation, I realized I needed to make some changes for the sake of my business and my happiness. We only get one chance, so I am no longer living to work, I am working less to live better. At least I want it to feel that way! More

Great Design Makes Me Happy

With all the stress that I have been experiencing latetly, it's nice to know design can still make me very happy. I recently started a "fish" tattoo design contest titled "Fish (Fresh, Clean, Smooth, Flowing)" on a very cool website ( It's nice to see a website concept be so successful and at the same time giving a platform to talented artists to spread their WERD! More

Winter Makes Me Work Long Hours

The real question here is how much more of this can I take?! The recent "march dump" has really got me thinking about the future and how many more winters I can take in the northeast. More

Work Stress, Life Stress and Owning My Own Business

You would think owning your own business would be simple and freeing, and in the beginning it might have felt that way for me. My the times have changed! Coming off the best year (2013) JEG has ever had, I am riding high. But along with success comes the silent killer we talk about and feel more then we should, stress. More

Happy New Year

It was a great 2013! More

Domain Name Registration and Expiration

Because of a "best in the area" referral by my friends over at Phil Tenenbaum's Computer Assistance in Rutland Vermont I was recently contacted by WCAX Channel 3 News to comment and do an interview on Rutland City’s domain name situation and offer my suggestions on how to stop these exact scenarios from reoccurring for others. More

Hackers probe HTTPS weaknesses

HTTPS is vulnerable to attack, and we can expect the situation to worsen over time. In two to five years, serious compromises of the Web's underlying security structure could take place more frequently at the criminal level. More

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

This is too funny not to share!! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me! #SOTRUE #JEGFACTOR More

Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We Are Going

Man oh man, have things changed over the last 20 years. I remember going off to Green Mountain College with one of those Brother word processors. You remember the kind, with a detached printer and those three inch floppy disks?! Essentially, that little word processor was barely a step above a typewriter with the major difference being liquid correction fluid wasn’t needed. Not to mention a shared pay phone in the hallway to make outside calls and getting my first e-mail address around my senior year. It wasn’t so long ago in my memory. More

Giving You The JEG Factor

These days there are lots and lots of website and graphic design firms, almost too many. Finding one in your area is easy, finding one that fits your fancy, even easier! In Vermont for example, try this… google these search phrases “vermont website design” or "vermont graphic design". Instantly, pages and pages of design firm results pop up (my competitors) and you will find that J.E.G. Design, Inc., is listed among those results. More

How to Sell That Gotta-Have-It-Gizmo

Let’s say you’ve got a great product but you are far from saturating the market with your “gotta-have-it-gizmo.” Of course, you are certain nearly everyone needs one but you are at a loss as to how you get your message out there to the masses. There’s no doubt that marketing your business can be a challenge and if running an ad campaign isn’t your “cup of tea” it’s hard to know just where to start. More

Professional Website Design or Do It Yourself Templates

Today I wanted to discuss the difference between contracting with a professional for your website design, development and maintenance versus opting for one of those do-it-yourself website templates that are available online. Certainly there are several factors to consider when deciding which route to take. More

At-home 3-D printing could save consumers thousands

A follow up on my 3D printing post a while back. More

Facebook Is A Waste Of Time

Facebook is a major waste of time. There I said it. More

Working From The Road

I have been traveling a bit the last couple weeks trying to get a much needed break from the daily grind. Unfortunately that does not always happen. More

Life Is Full Of Unknowns

The last 24 hours have been a roller coaster ride to say the very least. What started out as a great, unreal, cloud-nine type of day turned into a day that really put my life in perspective. More

Talking on the Internet

In business gone are the days of constant telephone contact with your vendors and clients. With the advent of the internet has come lots of new ways to communicate. In some ways it’s better and in some ways it makes doing business much less personal. These days a quick email replaces a telephone exchange most of the time and e-mail has even replaced formal written correspondence sent by regular mail to a great extent. More

Great App - Waze

So why is there so much buzz about Waze? The company, which initially launched in Israel, provides crowdsourced information. Users can wave their hands over their mobile device while driving to vocally report traffic or hazardous conditions. Updating in real time based on that information, the app delivers accurate assessments of current traffic, road closures, and alternative routes efficiently More

Shared vs Dedicated Web Hosting, cPanel, E-mail

Okay this is it! This is the final blog post in my web hosting series. This final -  PART 3 - will cover the topics listed below. So, let’s not waste another minute in getting ourselves educated when it comes to web hosting services. More

Bandwidth, Statistics and DNS Made Simple

I do believe it’s time to continue our talk about web hosting companies and the services they provide.  If you arrived “late to the party” and missed my first blog post entitled, “Website Hosting, What Is It, Who Needs It and Why” (5/17/13) click the link to read up on web hosting security, backups and server maintenance. More

Website Hosting, What Is It, Who Needs It and Why

Once you’ve made a decision to establish a presence on the Internet by developing a website for you or your company there are lots of decisions that you will need to make. The design decisions are easy and fun but once that great website of yours is ready to be launched there will be more decisions to make that will require a little more technical knowledge. More

Doing It Your Way

Here are a couple of questions for you to think about. Do you have a passion or talent that you wish you could spend more time doing? Do you think about the “what if’s” and “how can I” when it comes to turning that passion or talent into a marketable business enterprise of some kind? More

Do I Really Need A Logo For My Business

Since I just revamped my J.E.G. Design logo I wanted to share a little information about why I think it’s important for you to seriously consider having a custom logo created for our business. I know you might be thinking “Logos… what purpose do they really serve?” or “Isn’t paying to have a logo created a big waste of money?” More

3-D Printing - What Is The Buzz All About

Staples has now started selling 3-D printers. Interesting. I am having a hard time figuring out the benefits of a 3-D printer in the first place. After reading this article I can certainly see the potential, but why would I need or want a 3-D Printer for my home? More

Facebook Phone Is For Junkies

Do I really need Facebook Home on my phone? Not sure that I do. More

3 Common Browser Misconceptions

I’m always trying to stay on top of the latest Internet news and found this article entitled, “3 Common Browser Misconceptions explained” informative and interesting.  The statistics quoted were staggering.... More

The Time Has Come To Be Alive Again

Today is the day! After months of creative thinking and planning J.E.G. Design, Inc.’s brand, spankin' new website is launched! With our totally revamped design, funky color palette and tweaked logo JEG is alive again! Lots of things have changed since I launched my “old” website back in 2009... More