The Cannabidiol Conundrum – How To Bank Off The Boom

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Cannibidiol, aka CBD, has been taking the world and its marketplace by storm.

It was a couple of summers ago, and I was on holiday in my home state of Vermont.  A close friend — the type you know too much about, have gotten into too many arguments with, and don’t see nearly enough of—called and asked if I wanted to have a friend date. You know, the Millennial friend kind-of-date — the gym and a smoothie.

This friend took me to a new little hippie hub in Downtown Rutland that had a menu littered with a cornucopia of potions and concoctions.

• The Pow! Catalina Wine Mixer Protein Smoothie consisting of cashew butter, blueberries, and camu camu.
• The Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Smoothie loaded with goji berries, banana, and those disgusting slimy seeds used for the grass “pet” at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $16.99
• And the Mellow Yellow Smoothie. Packed with pineapple, lemon, and a new-found favorite ingredient of mine…

But just like Hunter Hearst Helmsley is better know by three letters, HHH.

So is cannabidiol — CBD.

Now, full confession, I get all sorts of excited when I get to have something somewhat taboo. I quit drinking and doing drugs 15 years ago. Taboo to me, of late, is grabbing a full handful of dried mango from the bulk bins at Sprouts. Somedays, when the evil Heathcliff is on my shoulder, I grab it without the scoop.

I know.

I’m going to hell.

So , when I read that beautiful three-letter abbreviation, my head turned sharply like I’d heard a gun-shot. I peered over to my friend of over two decades and, with a youthful enthusiasm long-absent since childhood, I said…

“Have you ever tried CBD?”

My friend leaned in and whispered — “Keith, it’s the reason I’m off my anti-depressants.”

I’ve seen this friend go through panic/anxiety attacks, agoraphobic behaviors, seclusion, isolation, binges and benders — and after all this time, she had found her peace.

This is a person who went from muting emotions to settling them.

But all I wanted to know was — Why did my friend feel the need to whisper?

If Superman sweats, he sweats cannabidiol.

According to MedAlertHelp, here are some facts you should know about CBD and the CBD industry:

  1. A quarter of the U.S. Population has tried one form of CBD. One out of every seven use CBD daily.
  2. Online interest has grown over 260%.
  3. CBD is legal in all 50 states.
  4. CBD will NOT get you “high.”
  5. In 2018, the U.S. legal cannabis market was worth just shy of $12 billion.

After my respite in Vermont, I drove 20 hours south to the state of Georgia.  If you were to Google Vermont and hit the antonym button underneath its description, you’d get Georgia. That’s why I loaded up on CBD like a fresh-faced 18 year-old loads up with singles before hitting St. Catherine Street in Montreal.

Astonishingly, I felt like Magellan when I discovered the eclectic mix of people who were consuming this, what I assumed was taboo, wonder drug.

Priests, pastors, doctors, teachers, high-level executives, upper management — all of them had one thing in common — and, no, not an affection for grotesque grits.

They all were regular users of CBD. And this is in a state where this guy is Governor! Astonished, I say, astonished!

Nationwide, the supply has begun to meet the rapidly growing demand. Or better yet, the suppliers have multiplied to meet it.  Gone are the days of inconspicuously sliding into a tobacco shop where they sell three-foot “water-pipes.” Today, you can walk into almost any pharmacy, drug store, supplement shop, even grocery store, and purchase this groovy grandchild of ganja.

Buying it online, well, that’s a-whole-nother animal. And it’s also the subject of this blog.

The Cannabidiol Conundrum

While CBD is the archetype of a booming industry…

While U.S. consumers spent $517 million in 2018 shopping online …

It’s not buying CBD on the web that’s the issue, it’s selling it.  In a country that puffs its chest out proudly, proclaiming itself as pro-small business and always searching for “ the next big thing,” CBD distributors, in the eyes of the largest online payment processor, PayPal, might as well be selling heroin.

Okay, not really, but I got your attention now, didn’t I?

Here is the question — If we know CBD works… If we know it is being gobbled up just as fast as it’s being made…

Why do we feel almost guilty about it?

Is the reason my friend whispered this to me the same reason why companies like PayPal forbid its existence?

“Keith, we need to talk about what’s happening to clients of mine!”

Jon Gicewicz, the owner and chief designer at JEG Design yelled through my Bluetooth as I was driving to do burpee jumps at the local 24-hour fitness center.

“My CBD clients. One of them just got their PayPal account shut down! No warning, nothing. Shut. Down.”

“Well, what do you want me to do?” I yelled back.

You ever notice how the speaker for your Bluetooth could be on the tip of your nose and you still yell for some reason? Like the person you’re talking to is living in your speaker? Is that just me? (And you ever notice how you squint when you can’t hear someone? Where the hell was I going with this?)

“Tell them I can help them! I can hook it up where their site can sell CBD and not worry about a damn thing!”

So, that’s what I’m doing. Not because he’s paying me, either. Okay, it has something to do with the fact that he’s paying me, but I’m enjoying writing this, so there’s that.

What Gice has discovered is a payment processor that will permit you to sell CBD from your site without the fear of waking up to an email telling you your account has been shut down.

What is this payment processor?

Now, I’m tempted to say, “well for that answer, and many more, call Jon at JEG DESIGN INC today…”

But no, I’m not going to say that. And not because I’m this benevolent soul who is trying to win you over by showing you how kind I am, either.

I’m telling you because all you have to do is Google CBD payment processors, and you’ll discover that Square will take care of you and your e-commerce needs.

However, here is why you have to contact JEG DESIGN INC today.

He’ll provide you with a free consultation and let you know right-away how this all works. He’s transparent in a world that’s opaque.


Because the reality is, you can probably do it all for yourself. But, wouldn’t you rather take the advice straight from a man who has helped numerous CBD companies with their payments, websites, and graphic design seriously has helped a client who specifically sells CBD for horses. For horses! What a world we live in, huh?

The Cannabidiol Conclusion

When my dear friend whispered about the life-altering discovery of CBD, I almost cried. Prior to CBD, I had witnessed the mercurial behaviors originating from a daily dose of a drug meant to do nothing more than muffle the person underneath.

I almost cried because of the smile that came over my friend’s face after the intimation of this magical revelation.

And yet, YET, this person was compelled to whisper something that people should be screaming naked from the rooftops.

I don’t know if it’s the same conditioned behavior/response that causes companies like PayPal to punish the newest wave of entrepreneurial goldminers. If this archaic mentality was acquired from fear of change. From fear of different. I don’t know.

All I know is…

If I were you, I’d stop worrying. I’d contact Gice today and, not only take advantage of an economic boom happening in your time, but also taking advantage of a chance to change the game.

And then, if I were you, I’d use your shiny new selling platform to scream naked from the rooftops…


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