Jonathan E. Gicewicz Owner / Designer / Coder / Creative Director


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When Jonathan Gicewicz isn't golfing, cross country skiing, road biking or following Phish, he enjoys spending time with his wife and enjoying mountain life in Vermont. His love for fine arts and design since childhood has set the stage for the successful design companies he has started and maintains today.

Jon attended Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT to expand his knowledge of fine arts and was also introduced to the new realm of graphic design. During his freshman year he entered a scholarship contest sponsored by Killington Ski Resort. The contest was to create a design for use on one of Killington's gondolas. It was exciting when his design was selected and he ended up winning a $2,000 scholarship. From that point on his path was clear. Soon fter graduating from Green Mountain College he established himself in Rutland, Vermont as a resident and immediately put his fine arts degree to use by becoming JEG DESIGN INC and the designer/webmaster for many local companies. The work flow ranges from logo design to brochures, posters and ads to website design and social media marketing.

He is proud to offer a prompt and personal responses to all client needs. Whether it is a small website for a local artist or a brochure design for a million dollar corporation, he is confident we can get the job done with style.

When asked what separates Jon from the rest of the design & development world he says, "I'm the only person I know, that can meet every deadline I am given. Any day of the week, I can make it happen!" With over 16 years of experience in the design and development, Jon has that artistic edge that gives that "POP" to all of our designs!



Jon and Rick met over 15 years ago via an e-mail that Rick sent randomly to JEG DESIGN INC asking about some website hosting needs, and well, the rest is history! They have been friends and business partners ever since. Jon spends most of the year in the green mountains of vermont, but does spend some time down south from time to time, to get away from the cold temps of Vermont! Jon and Rick talked for many years about starting a company together and FOLLY POP DESIGN was born! Visit: www.follypopdesign.com



Real Digital Marketing emerged from the collaboration of three successful people and their businesses. Jon Gicewicz, the founder of JEG DESIGN INC, a great web designer and a fantastic graphic designer, who has a great attitude to boot. Francois Gossieaux, the founder of Human Observations and Local Captures, a lifelong marketer and startup guy who became an expert in Real Estate. Bruce Morrissey, the founder of Drones of Vermont, a multi-talented photographer, including real estate, and  a licenced FAA drone pilot. Visit: realdigital.marketing


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