SEO Solutions For Your Business

Once you’ve acquired the perfect domain name and your professionally-designed website is ready to “go live,” what happens next?

How will the right people find my website in such a vast enviroment like the world wide web? 

Perhaps you already have a website online but the traffic to your site is lean to nonexistent. What can be done to to improve my ranking?

Jonathan Gicewicz and the team at JEG DESIGN INC provide answers to those very questions by offering a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package for new or existing websites.

With JEG DESIGN INC as your online marketing parter careful attention will be paid to content evaluation, proper keyword selection, suggested linking strategies, help you develop a content updating protocol in order to enhance your search engine profile and provide a thorough review of the coding and architecture associated with your website. As well as supply you with a detailed report before & after your SEO program so you can see the results for yourself!

With proper SEO implementation you can improve traffic to your website, as well as, while increasing your ranking in organic searches with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our team at JEG DESIGN INC is also Google Certified to assist with Google Adwords setup and campaign mangagment with target margeting and Google Shopping.

Our custom SEO Program was hand coded utilizing the behind the scenes know-how that Google and other search engines process and analzye sites for ranking. Once a site is ranked, our program submits and recodes your site and keywords based on live, real success and traffic! We are the only organic SEO service available anywhere that has outstanding results.

Partnering with the JEG DESIGN INC is the first step in developing the right SEO strategy for your niche market and a major step toward drawing potential clients to your online “storefront.”

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