Design Solutions For Your Business

Whether you’re starting a new enterprise or have a long-established business to promote, these days maintaining an Internet presence is a must. One click at a time potential customers will find you on the World Wide Web and when they do having a professionally-designed website is paramount.

While you communicate your specific goals Jonathan Gicewicz and the team at JEG DESIGN INC are ready to provide expert design ideas and recommendations; and it is through this collaboration the perfect website for your business will be born.

JEG DESIGN INC provides creative, uniquely-styled, easy-to-navigate websites sending your message to that target audience through: Color, Line, Layout, Font Style and Intuitive Creativity

Don’t forget that a good “first impression” will keep a casual browser on your website to explore and get to know your business and the fine products or services you can provide.

In addition to a professionally-designed website, you may want to consider “branding” your company by developing a distinctive style that can be woven throughout your advertising campaign.

“Branding” is just one way to increase your firm’s name recognition. Starting with a customized logo, your logo will represent your company on business cards, printed brochures, letterhead and, of course, your website. JEG DESIGN INC is an expert in designing dynamic logos that are simple, recognizable and uniquely creative.

With the advent of the Internet it is easy to forget that printed advertising, i.e., brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc., are still very much a part of your arsenal of marketing material. JEG DESIGN INC is a ready source for all your marketing needs and can provide guidance as you maneuver your way through this maze of selecting just the right approach for your marketing strategy.

We, at JEG DESIGN INC, pride ourselves in providing you professional, prompt and courteous service. Don’t you think it’s time to make JEG DESIGN INC that “One-Stop Shop” for your website design, logo, printing, print advertising and branding requirements?


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