JEG DESIGN INC Upgrades & Updates


Have you ever asked anyone, “How are you?” Of course, right? Well, to me, this is the scariest question one could ask. Why? Because, sometimes, not often, but occasionally, you get the truth. 

During a recent conversation with Jonathan Gicewicz of JEG DESIGN INC and Funky Flies, LLC, I asked him how he was doing. Then, I got the truth.

“I’m good, but it’s tough.”

Now, please understand JEG DESIGN INC has existed for over 22 years. The constants with this company are as follows:

  • Gicewicz has always been the owner
  • Gicewicz has always been the chief designer
  • And owning a business is always tough

I say that to say this – when Gicewicz (GICE) tells me things are tough, it means he officially is at Expert level of Guitar Hero, and Stairway to Heaven is coming up next.

“Business is booming, but at the same time, things everywhere are more expensive than they’ve ever been, especially in tech.”

What does especially in tech mean?

“There are hosting fees, server fees, server tech and maintenance fees, and now credit card fees are more expensive.” 

But aren’t fees like taxes? Don’t they only go up?

“Of course. But the one thing that hasn’t gone up in over two decades of me owning this company are MY fees.” 

So, what are you going to do?

“Well, I’m going to up my hourly rate to $85 an hour. That’s only a $10 increase. Additionally, with the increasing number of clients JEG DESIGN INC now has, we’re upgrading our dedicated servers and server technology. Additionally, we’re going to upgrade our support and overall offerings. This will also require a reasonable increase in annual hosting fees as well.” 

So, when will this increase take place?

“The hosting fee increase will take place on January 1, 2024. My hourly rate increase is in effect immediately.”

What about credit card payments?

“JEG DESIGN INC can also upgraded to a monthly payment plan if any client prefers that, vs. annual invoicing. We just need a credit card on file.”

And what about the increase in credit card processing fees?

“All JEG DESIGN INC clients, whether existing or new, will not have to pay any additional fees by using their credit card. We will absorb all credit card fees.

If there is one thing, you’d like to say to your customers about this, what is it?

“I just want them to know I genuinely struggled with this increase. I’m proud of not only JEG DESIGN INC’s work but I’m proud of how easy we are to work with. It’s just that everything is skyrocketing. And at some point, it’s just unsustainable to charge people in 2023 what they were being charged in 2001.”

Anything else?

“Ya, and thank you to all who have worked with, who are working with, and who may be potentially working with JEG DESIGN INC. We appreciate your support and your loyalty.” 

— —

A few months ago, I was told by an on-demand workout program that I won’t mention but rhymes with Beach Body on Demand – that my bill was being doubled. I had no choice but to pay the charge or discontinue my account. Those were my options. If you were to ask me how I was doing when I found this out, I would say livid.

Gice isn’t happy he has to charge slightly more, but he gets why he does, and he wants to make sure those who utilize his service get that too. That’s why he’s not only providing reasons and upgrades; he’s also providing options. 

I asked Gice one last question when I was finishing up this post.

Is it still tough?

“A little. But we’re a business, and there will always be tough. Just let everyone know that if anyone has questions or concerns, call 802-345-6738 or email me here.” 

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to find a new on-demand workout platform.


Written by Keith Hannigan