Predictions for 2022

Apocalyptic Apes #7857

Predictions for 2022 are no different than they are for any other year. Seriously, think about this, whenever a stretch of time concludes —  whether it’s schooling, a project, a vacation, or a year —  we typically thank our flavor of God for it to finally be over. The funny thing is the latter, the year. As if the calendar possesses this indomitable power. A power that dictates how we feel. How successful we are. Or how painful life may be. I mean, the Mayans held those beliefs about Father Time; and look how that panned out for them.

However, no matter what gripe(s) we may or may not have with the year that’s been – the majority of us think about the year to come — he “hope springs eternal” optimism about the unknown. And we make this deal with ourselves, pledging to do more: 

– To workout,
– To eat healthier
– To spend more time with the kids, or with their partner, or with their parents
To work harder
To work smarter
To invest appropriately
To invest in themselves…

And the laundry lists of affirmations, resolutions and lies continue from the previous years….

Unless you’re Jon Gicewicz  (GICE) of JEG DESIGN INC.   

When I think of the conversation Gice and I had this time last year about JEG DESIGN INC and its Platinum Anniversary, 20 years, that was the upcoming 2021, I think of Tiger Woods. No, not because GICE is a rabid golfer. And by rabid, I mean sick and twisted (Inside joke between those who’ve had the displeasure of GICE taking our money on the local links) — just kidding.

Tiger Woods, throughout his much-heralded career, underwent four swing changes. Partly because of injury and partly because of boredom. Tiger was dominating, and it wasn’t even close. So, what did he do? He changed his swing to see if he could dominate by changing the one thing you’re not supposed to change in the internally terroristic game of golf. 

What does this have to do with GICE? Well, he changed his website. Why? Because 2020 was, by far, the culmination of a career dedicated to design. But unfortunately, 2021 didn’t respond accordingly…

“I’m retiring,”  GICE said jokingly when I asked what was in store for 2022.  But in all honesty, as you can read more by clicking here, Jon just learned what was most important to him —  to enjoy what he does despite a constantly-changing world.

“In 2021, I made changes where I wanted to make changes. I changed the website to something I really loved in 2013. Then I changed it again because that’s what I do.” 

And that’s what GICE has always done. More on that in a moment. However, this leads us to where he will devote a significant amount of his time in the upcoming year.

“I’m going to spend much more time working on blockchain development. It’s where things are, and it’s where things are going.”

It’s funny if you know GICE because this same attitude caused him to pivot from strictly graphic design to web design 21 years ago. 

And for those who have always loved GICE and his web/graphic designs, he wants you not to worry. JEG DESIGN INC will continue as your favorite, most trusted, affordable, award-winning designers around. 

“Other than that, I’m just going to keep on truckin’.  I love what I do. I love my clients. And I’m not where I am today without them. That’s why JEG DESIGN INC. prides itself as being a place where people can come and know they’re getting outstanding design at an affordable price.”

Again, just GICE doing what GICE has always done.

While some of us may use quite colorful language to describe the year 2021, those who can’t help but succeed view this as a masterclass — time devoted to determining what to do better the following year. 

And yes, while the rest of us will spend our time complaining that it’s just more of the same — people like Jon Gicewicz at JEG DESIGN INC are fully aware of the power they have – the ability to assess and change.  So what are the predictions for 2022 and JEG DESIGN INC?  

Change. Why? Because that’s what Gice and JEG DESIGN INC do.  Oh, that, and did we mention the Mayans?

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Written by Keith Hannigan. Keith is the co-owner and Chief Writer at SBI Content Creation LLC. SBI Content Creation is a content writing company just outside of Atlanta, Georgia