Shopify E-Commerce Website Design


Some time ago, we wrote a piece informing all of you of JEG DESIGN INC.’s decision to start implementing Shopify website design. Like any blog post, we had to explain what Shopify is. The short version for those who haven’t read the blog, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you create, mature, and oversee your business. We suggest you read the blog for a more complex, deeper dive. 

Now, if you were to read the piece, and we obviously think you’re doing yourself a massive disservice by not doing so, you’ll notice at the end how we asked, why does JEG DESIGN INC. now use Shopify for its clients? There was a short answer that really didn’t offer much insight, data, or texture as to why. The purpose of this blog is to do just that.  

And to fully answer that question, we sought the insight of the mastermind behind JEG DESIGN INC.,  Jonathan Gicewicz. Gicewicz is the Owner and Chief Designer of JEG DESIGN INC. 

“Shopify is a platform most buyers are accustomed to using (more on this in a moment). It works well and has cheaper annual costs for customers (business owners).” 

Let’s quickly throw some stats at you:

Additionally, Gicewicz mentions, “We are now using Shopify for all our e-commerce customers because of ease to use, mobile experience, speed, set-up process, available integration options, plus more.”

Since JEG DESIGN INC. made the switch Gicewicz and his team has created e-commerce Shopify sites for but not limited to:

So, why does JEG DESIGN INC now offer Shopify? Because it’s practical, easy to use, beneficial to both the customers and owners, and it’s reliable. 

If this isn’t enough and you still covet more information about how JEG DESIGN INC. can use Shopify to help your business, contact them today for a free consultation.